Last night, I dreamt that I was going to the animal shelter to look at the dogs and maybe walk a few.  I used to do that a lot before I adopted my pup, so my dream self knew what to expect.  When I arrived, I signed in and began to walk around, but to my surprise, I didn’t see any dogs or even the normal kennel set up.  Instead, there were little stations here and there that had snacks and ingredients, typical of a farmer’s market.

I approached the sample tray closest to me.  On it sat a small, lumpy biscuit, about the size of a silver dollar.  I took a bite.  The flavor was bland, but it was edible.  I moved to the next station.  The cookie looked similar to the last one, only with some oats and berries mixed in.  It was also on the bland side of the flavor spectrum.  Strange.  I observed my surroundings.  Were they organic?  Gluten free?  Why did they taste so strange?

Someone else walked into the market.  She had a dog with her, which wasn’t surprising since we were where the animal shelter normally is.  She approached the first plate of snacks, just as I had.  She picked it up, observed it, and looked at her pup.  Holding the treat up, she asked him to sit.  He complied and was rewarded with the biscuit.  Finally, it clicked it my brain.  This wasn’t a farmer’s market for human treats; it was a sale for dog treats.



A little backstory first: I used to have a big crush on one of my old coworkers (we’ll call him Travis).  The crush started a few years ago when we both used to work there and before I started dating my fiance, Michael.  Although I love Michael and would never leave him for anyone else, I think a little spark of the crush still remains, because Travis tends to show up in my dreams now and again. We’ll call the other character in this dream Charlie.  He was a classmate of mine growing up, and in this dream, I guess there was a little bit of a love interested between me and Charlie (there never was in real life).  Brenda was my best friend in grade school and junior high, but we had a falling out in high school.  In this dream, it seemed like we were good friends again.

The dream began with Charlie and I waiting for an elevator (there were two) at my past workplace.  We made light conversation, but it was awkward.  It seemed like we were both holding something back.

Both of the elevators arrived at the same time.  Charlie went to the one on the left while I entered the door on the right.  As soon as I was in the elevator, I sat down, without pressing any buttons for the floor I needed to reach.  With my knees bent, I stared at my feet while the doors began to close.  Feelings of longing and sorrow filled my head.

Just before the doors closed, a hand reached in and stopped them.  My coworker, Travis, stood before me.

Travis: “So what’s going on between you and that other guy?”

Me: “Nothing.”

Travis with a slight smirk: “Really? It didn’t look like ‘nothing.'”

Me: “Well, him and Brenda are kind of together now, so, yeah. Nothing.”

As he noticed I was upset by the situation, the smirk left his face.  He knelt on one knee in front of me and said: “Oh, I’m… sorry to hear that.”

When I looked up, I was surprised to see him looking back at me with eyes that were actually filled with empathy and sincerity.  He leaned forward.  With one hand next to me on the elevator floor and the other softly supporting the back of my head, he kissed me.

The kiss was the perfect blend of soft enough to make me melt and forceful enough to show the passion he felt.  It seemed to last for ages, but I didn’t want it to end.  When our lips finally parted, we stared each other in the eye, not knowing what to do next.